BMX Museum

Humble Beginnings

Bicycle Moto Cross or BMX as it is more commonly known, had its start in the late 60’s and early 70’s. During this time, young boys around the globe were dreaming of a motorcycle they could ride in the dirt. This served as the catalyst that ignited the Bicycle Boom of the 70’s.

The sturdy Schwinn Stingray was a favorite of the time as it could easily be modified. Some very observant dads as well as budding entrepreneurs decided to build a specific frame for BMX riding. With this, the sport was born and kids were flocking to their local tracks all around the country.

Nickel Plated 1977 Cooks Bros White 1976 Littlejohn/Murphy Monoshock

Patriot Bicycles Inc. Patriot Bicycles Inc.

BMX racing was mostly a 20” wheel sport, even though 26” and 24” bikes were used as well. In the late 70’s, riding consisted of mostly dirt riding with a bit of street time thrown in the mix. Some riders found the excitement of the streets most enjoyable and began inventing creative and risky new stunts. Soon a sport of ‘freestyle’ BMX was born. Ramps and trick riding were making a name in the BMX world, and by the 80’s, competitions and skate park riding became a very exciting spectator event.

After all these years and changes, BMX (whether racing, dirt jumping or freestyle) has proven it is here to stay. This was most recently evidenced when BMX became a headliner for the “X” Games with dirt jumping and freestyle, and an Olympic sport for racing. Millions of viewers and enthusiasts watch these events worldwide.

The world of BMX has a unique appeal and has spanned decades as it has evolved and created a culture of its own. Today, bikes, frames and memorabilia are sought after by collectors and lovers of the sport worldwide. I have dedicated Patriot Bicycles to be a local archive and showcase of this BMX collector culture. Stop by and take a walk through time as you embrace the BMX world or the 70’s, 80’s and beyond!!

1976 A&A suspension bike 1979 26 Champion Twin Tube BMX Frame

Patriot Bicycles Inc. Patriot Bicycles Inc.